Ferretti Takeout – Online Ordering System



What’s better than spending a night in, relaxing on your couch, watching your favouite TV show with your family and friends and have your meal delivered to your  home hassle free? Ferretti one of the most popular resturants in the south of Malta wanted to extend its resturant services by offering online ordering and home delivery, and asked us to do something about it.


After a good brain storming session with the whole team, where we spent quite some time discussing many irrelevant topics such as should good steaks have sauces or how would take away soup be delivered, we jotting down what’s the people expectation from a take out service would be – and tried to come up with an online ordering system which did just that.


We developed an online ordering system which was;
  • Easy to navigate, all dishes split into 3 categories being, salad pasta and Risotto, Meat poulty and fish, pizza and Kids menus.
  • Easy to order – the ordering layout is simple to use and can be easily used using a touch screen including mobiles and tablets.


As soon as an order is placed and email is received and printed automatically in the resturant kitchen so that it can be processed immediately. Payment is done on delivery. The system was thoroughly tested to ensure that the  whole process is done seamlessly.


We encourage you to try it out. But, be warned, you might get hungry!

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