Link Building & SEO

The importance of Link Building

Links are the pathways through which the search spiders crawl the web in search of information. Link analysis allows search engines to discover how pages are related to each other.

Initially Search Engines treated Links as a form of popularity measure for a site. The more incoming links a website had then the more popular it was with users.  Over the years search engines refined their algorithms  in order to provide a more relevant and meaningful analysis and evaluation of websites based on link information.

Links provide information not only related to popularity but also metrics related to trust, authority, relevance and spam. Trustworthy websites are often linked to other trusted sites having  related topics and subject matter. 

Link building is a process whereby you will obtain incoming hyperlinks from  other websites to your own.

Link building may be one of the most difficult and time consuming SEO tasks required to improve site ranking. Yet mastering Link Building techniques will ensure that your website will create effective pathways for better evaluation by search engines.

Search Engines use links to:

  • Discover new web sites
  • To help determine the site rank

Once the web pages have been crawled information is extracted and added to the Search Engine indexes. Check out this short video by Google to explain the whole process.


The search engines will not only look at the content of the page by also -analyse the quality of the incoming links to the website. The more high-quality websites link to your website the more weight is given to the ranking algorithm. this is also a form of measuring trust to your web page.

Link building can benefit the business by building relationships. A link often creates outreach  as it relates to sharing relevant and useful content and information. It can also help build long term relationships with key influencers in the industry meaning that your business becomes more trusted and regarded by other industry players.

Good link building helps you build your brand and establish you as a trusted authority on the subject. For example if you publish a very technical post in your blog which is used as a reference by other industry sites then your relevance and authority on the subject will increase.

The following are three link building techniques which can have far reaching results :

  • Article Distribution – Write great articles which offer very good value added content and submit the article to relevant sites.
  • Commenting on Blogs -when commenting on blogs you can network with others interested in common topics.  It is important to comment on blogs within your topic niche, when being active in such blogs you show your commitment and expertise in the topic.
  • Write reviews –  on  sites such as WhoIs Wiki, Alexa and answer questions on Yahoo Answers.

Link building is an ongoing process. the basic truth is that people will only link to your page is the content you provide is of value , relevant and of interest. So before attempting any link building campaign make sure that the content is worth linking to.